Thursday, February 28, 2008

Things We Should Be Reading

They've been bringing them in fast of late....

In The Economist, Sayid found the Koran on Ben's Bookshelf of Secrets, and we found out that one of Ben's aliases is Dean Moriarty... of On The Road (modeled on Neal Cassady, who Allen Ginsberg and the rest of the Beats totally adored..which is not someone Ben seems like he would be. Although I suppose Neal Cassady was a great manipulator).
We may try to read some Koran. We will not be reading On The Road, but we should probably read The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

In Eggtown, Ben refused to read Valis by Philip K. Dick (and it looks like that was for good reason..the DarkUFO description I read of it was complicated as hell). Nevertheless, I went and checked it out of the Library. It seems like it would be a real challenge.
Sawyer was reading The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares with Frankenglasses 2.0 while Hurley watched Xanadu. Needless to say, we will find a way to do the same. I am particularly excited for Xanadu.


In other news, I'm nearing the end of Our Mutual Friend. How much attention I've payed is another matter altogether. Maybe someday Aurora will grace us with some thoughts on the Hero's Journey and the world of Lost. We had a good conversation about it over martinis last week. Woot.


Klara Kim said...

pssssst, check out my new desktop picture:

Klara Kim said...

(I am thinking of drawing a giant heart around him, possibly out of the ash-like substance that surrounds Jacob's cabin.)