Monday, January 21, 2008

The Lost Weekend: I am pretty sure it is the reason television was created

Here goes nothing. Greatest Hits, in which I probably cry for half of the episode again..

Alex is here! I am pondering the cleanliness level of Desmond's shirt. It is suspiciously clean. Alex is standing up like a little bitch.

Oh the heart-breaking Hurley diss.

So we're in the last episode, having a discussion about whether Jack's ex-wife is a b.
Alex is suggesting that all the deaths are misunderstandings. Um. I am too numb to understand now.

Jack is on drugs--says Alex--and booze. We have questions about Alex, ourselves.
The episode gives Aurora a stomachache.
My vision is starting to blur.
Sometimes Matthew Fox is a better actor than I give him credit for--see crying and punching when he thinks the beach guard gets shot.

Phew. Total fake out on the lives of our buds.
BREAKING NECKS. We discuss taking wisdom tooth painkillers in honor of Jack's oxycodone abuse. "Attention others, come in, others." I am in pre-emptive tears over Charlie's imminent death.

SO, we're done.
Life is good.
Our love for Lost has in no way diminished.
Aurora says, it is nice to stop thinking about everything else and just think about Lost.
As for our unraveling of mysteries, we have not made much ground.
We understand character motivations a lot better this time, for better or worse.
We learned that Alex is a goof, but we love him.
We learned about temperature fluctuations in our apartment.

We learned that ...THE END THE END 4EVZZZZ.


And so we barrel towards the finish

Ok. I mopped.
And we're in the home stretch. I've finished the 2nd Harry Potter. We had some bread and olive oil for lunch. We thought for a while in Catch 22 about how everytime someone follows the wire they get into one of Rousseau's traps (Sayid, Hurley, almost-Charlie with the arrow). Why does she feel so compelled to protect it?

I also appreciated Juliet's bedside manner alot. She is so good at talking to Sun about her baby.
We talked for a little bit about why Sawyer could kill Locke's dad but Locke couldn't/didn't want to do it. Dude was never out for blood.

Oh MAN we are at Jacob's cabin. That is crazy stuff. Seriously.

Aurora is reading to me, Genesis 35:16, about how Benjamin's mom died in childbirth in the Bible. The biblical references are criss-crossed, but worth thinking about.

Oh man, 10 o'clock timeslot. Giving us room for arrows in the neck and gassing deaths. That is some gross stuff. At this point I will take a second to reflect on the nature of the Purge. If there were still people in the stations, I'm sort of assumng that they didn't get killed in the purge. Is that because they were on the Hostiles side or does that have something to do with the quarantined signs on the stations. Like someone came along and put them in quarantine before/at the time of the purge? See: "I was one of the people smart enough to make sure I didn't end up in that ditch."

God, The Man Behind the Curtain is BRILLIANT.

Aurora points out that the Others didn't bury the Dharma-ites the same way they bury their own dead...sending their own dead out to sea, just throwing the Dharmas in an open pit. Why would they bury them so openly when "nothing stays buried on this island for long."

Ok. I think I'm going to give the last disc it's own post. Ceremonial new disc switch moment of silence.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Season 3 Begins.

It does. With Alex putting his fist into a wine glass for fun.
What else?
Klara's cookies were delicious.
Aurora and Alex theorized at great length about the Other's plan for taking Jake/Kate/Sawyer and no one else. Klara had a cute nap, I tried to touch Alex with my feet and annoyed him.

We slept through Enter 77 and that Claire one where we learn--shocker! that Jack is her half brother. Snorlax. I dreamt of kittens and being on the city bus with Unitarians. Seriously. Weird.

Now we've been through um.. Man From Tallahassee and Expose. Here's the Kate+Juliet mud-wrestle episode. Bleh. Time to eat an orange and mop.


Disc 4: Oh hai, Henry Gale

Locke flashback! We're in the serious stuff now. It makes me a little mad how Helen leaves him.
This is the sweet episode with the blast door map and Sayid digging up the grave.


Dave time! I observed that Libby treats Hurley like a baby and it's really infuriating.
Everybody interrogates Ben angrily. Aurora observes that watching it the first time around this seemed like the weaker part of the season, largely because we had no idea why Ben was so important. This time around, the first half with all the tailies introductions and interactions seems like the boring part and Ben seems like the interesting part, especially when you spend some time considering what he did and didn't know in retrospect. Like: does he actually know what this hatch is for. And when he says "He'll kill me!" he is talking about Jacob, maybe even sincerely?

Alright. So ends, a little bit sadly, our Season 2 coverage. My mom came over with some bagels, I fell asleep during "Two For the Road", she told me not to fall asleep, and then she fell asleep.
She left, I took a bath, and then Alex showed up bearing bread. Then Klara and her man, Zeb showed up too and brought bunny cookies with the numbers on them. Sweet.

The one revelation of the end of Season 2: I have a much higher opinion of Claire than my companions. Oh well.

Now we are well into season two (ok like 4 episodes in). Hooray for us! To blog!


Disc 3: ah luff her.

Oh Kate. What you did. I love the Kate-sick Sawyer interaction.
And this is probably the strongest Kate flashback.
I like that this is the one where you really start to get the sense that Kate completely doesn't know who she is. And that she's really alternately, and unpredicatably, fragile and hard. She is so willing to be vulnerable as long as it doesn't actually mean anybody helping her or calling her on her stuff.

Also the Orientation film!
Also more Eko/Locke hour.

I'm going to move my bed in, have some cereal, and go to sleep. Crappy episodes coming up. Wow, the 2nd season is so full of dithering. We will have guests tomorrow. And hopefully eat our guacamole, and keep working on our pasta salad, and do some mopping, and make more headway in Harry Potter.

I'll say goodnight now. I look forward to falling asleep during Eko's episode.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Disc 2: The Season of Sad Piano

Ew. The bald guy. A S/J Flashback is no way to start off a disc.
Seriously that was also a boring episode. I do not want to have to go to bed on just boring episodes.

So, the second episode was the Shannon episode, in which I felt really sorry for Shannon. She gets seriously and completely screwed by her stepmom. I am not saying the Boone death episode and the Shannon death episode are the only times I've cried. But they are, ok. Yep.

Aurora points out it was about the baby. Oh, I also cried a little when Bernard was like "Is Rose with you?" OH MAN!

Another important point of this episode is when Sawyer is about to pass out, and his eyes are strikingly blue. What a babe.

Oh, and importantly, the Others steal an awful lot of the Tailies. I think this might have something to do with the Tailies involvement/lack thereof with whatever the reason the Losties are on the island.

Ok the other 48 days. You are a pretty great episode. I have maybe 2 or 3 episodes left in me though, man.

"It took you forty days for you to speak?"
"It took you forty days to cry."

Ana Lucia's first flashback. This is probably the first episode of the season that I actively enjoy.
Ana Lucia has a great, and truly unique back story, and some actual justification for her anger.
All of the troubling questions raised by the first encounter between our guys and the tailies.
And the kindred spiritude of Eko and Locke. sweet.

Vigilante justice booyahhh.
Remember when I started this liveblogging in vaguely full sentences? Yeah, me neither. :)

Ok Cry #3 or #4. Jin comes back to Sun, breaking away from the rest of the crowd. So sweet.

One more word on Ana Lucia. She's capable of such good and such bad in a way that no one else seems to exercise. Ok. Well, I've said enough. She's my fave.



Best season opener in the history of time.
It's interesting to watch Desmond without seeing his face. I really pictured a different, less adorable face.

It's dinner time! Oh great, a Jack flashback. Sort of unneccessary, though his hair is a hoot.

Oh hai desmond, good job running up the stadium stairs. This episode is a little too slow too, and it doesn't give you enough to go on, and its too main characters (Jack, Locke, Kate) focused. Although its got some good Hurley-tude. And it's all in the dark.

Sarah's recovery would be a miracle? says Jack.
Lift it up, says Desmond. What? says Jack. Your ankle, says Desmond.
I reflect for a while on the nature of Desmond's religious conviction. I am convinced he has at least some.

Sarah's recovery is a miracle. Does that make Jack a miracle worker, or just lucky? Or maybe a little bit of both.


and on to the second episode. Adrift. Hey, guys on the raft/in the water. this is when Michael really starts acting like a little bitch. I also have some anger about the legal system.

Um, it's COLD in our house. HEATER TIME.

This is the episode where Sawyer pulls the bullet out of his arm. Awesome.

Season 2 seems like its going to be a little rough. There's some character development, but also alot of character rehash. Hm.

I am blogging about how I resent how mean Aurora is about Michael. He has some dumb feelings, but they come from an honest-ish place I think. So there.
Well, "Michael, Others" has been uttered.


And Episode 3.
OMG OMG THE TAILIES. Gosh, I forgot how much I love Eko. And this is a really great introduction to them. I was just bitching about Season 2 being slow, and now I remember how much I like the tailies. Ooooh and it's a Locke episode.
Oh, well oops. I took a nap. Thanks alot 2nd chapter of Chamber of Secrets.


Episode 4? It's Hurley time!
The DVD player is making a grumpy high-pitched noise. I think we need to give it a ten minute break after this episode. Possibly watch an episode or 2 on the computer.
Eh. Oh no, it's not the computer. It's like somebody forgot to turn the Helipad siren off. It is troubling.

Um. We are making comments about Sawyer's lack of power virtually all the time. "Every character except Claire beats him up," says Aurora.

Also in this episode I am reminded about how hot Locke looks when he is eating with his hands and knife. It is a real skill.

Disc Done. Still sort of holding to my attitude about Season 2. Oh well.



Ok. Well.
Now its time for some serious housecleaning. Aurora got Swiffer rags and a mop and bucket.
Too bad I am hungry and am going to have a snack instead.

This is the season finale in which Rousseau is super-shady. For REALS.
OMG ANA LUCIA. Ok here goes the snack.

Nope, no snack. Just Klara. Rousseau. You are crazy..
Arzt is turning in a tour de force performance. And I like the ensemble flashbacks.

That smoke shot at the end of Part One is so great and the film quality is different.

Alright here goes Part Deux. Time for some Cider. LOST drinking game anybody?
Well, Arzt is having a little grump. I love him. We also spotted original Nikki and Paolo. Much less "hot" then the 3rd season ones. Arzt's combustion freaks me out every time.

Now they are on the raft, Billy Ray Cyrus hair Sawyer!

Charlie just tried to punch Sayid, and Sayid took hold of his neck and held him off. Sayid is fierce.

Ok let's see. It's almost time for Locke to see the monster.

Aurora would like us to note that perhaps the watch Jin is bringing to America is important. Paik's connection to Widmore I think backs that up. Does it have anything to do with Jack's watch?

The second episode is an hour and a half. Maybe a little too long? especially like the 5 minutes at the end without speaking. Ok, on to season 2.


Born To Run: Kate kills people by accident.

Nice fake wig Kate.
ARZT! Hearts.

Ummm.. And Michael gets accidentally poisoned.
See, I like the raft story, but it has some unneccesary twists.
And the Old Time Kate story with her childhood sweetheart. Hm. I like it. But I really need the Marshall's part of the story to to have all of her pieces together. I still don't understand why she's such an outlaw. She's got some splainin to do.

Seriously, Kate. You have made a mess of things. And an alcoholic dad is totally not enough reason for that. Maybe it's because you're Canadian.

Yeah, that episode was sort of filler.


The Greater Good: Sayid's best episode

It's the TAKE A NAP episode. Jack is delirious. It's sort of adorable. Claire also needs to take a nap cuz she just had the cutest baby ever. Sayid has a flashback about his terrorist pal. Locke comes back to town with a bloody shirt on.

OOH now he is washing his shirt. Hot, shirtless Locke.

I remember the first time I watched this episode, and Sayid had two stupid choices he could make (participate in terrorism, turn terrorists in) and I was so worried for him to do either. I am glad it worked out. And the male friendship stuff in this is priceless, and underrated. Gosh, Sayid is cute. Especially with a ponytail. Hm.

I feel like I focus to much on how cute the people on the show are. I hope it is evident enough that their cuteness is just an added bonus to the great story and pretty wonderful acting. And possibly those two things help their cuteness. I wouldn't watch this show if it was dumb. And now I am just stating the obvious.

So. Apparently, Nadia "works as a lab tech for a medical testing company". Mittelos/Widmore /etc. much? Dude. And we're done with that. Now it is time for aaaaa Kate episode. Great. Bleh.


NUMBERS: In which Hurley gets a raw deal...and which I do one blog for a whole disc

I love Hurley's mom. Almost as much as Jin's dad.
It's time for breakfast...And aurora is going to make some pasta salad for late. I am going to start the 2nd Harry Potter.

This is the 1st Introduction of the #s I think. Maybe? Probably in earnest.
I like how much of the show is revealed in this episode. and when hurley makes friends with rousseau.

Now its DEUS EX Machina time... I think i'll keep with this post.
The trebuchet. euh. This is the point where I get sick of the funny names for things.
Some other things happen in this episode. The circumstances surrounding Locke's kidney loss still seem shady to me. I spend some time reflecting on the Jater Skater deal.

And on to ...the one where Boone dies. I know this episode is kind of frustrating but it's also a really great ensemble work thing--Everybody helps out in their own way. And for the record: I think it's ok that Jack doesn't go to Claire's aid and leave Boone. We have some fights about it in our house, but people have been having babies for millenia. So. Anyway. Time to post. On to the last disc of season 1.


In Translation; Good morning!

O hai, iz morning.
Well, we are on Disc 5. Sleeping through LOST makes it go a lot faster. And oh great, another Sun and Jin episode. I guess I missed the one where Sawyer gets tortured. :)

This is the one where Jin finds out Sun speaks english. and the raft gets burnt down (yes!) and Jin is sad like the whole time. That's about it. Locke says that the problem isn't among the Losties, its with "them" , in the jungle.

The whole raft plot has some problems, its true, but in retrospect, it basically set the scene for the whole second season. So I watch it fondly now.


The Moth: more tedious first flashbacks

so. charlie's a drug addict.

Sawyer, it is not becoming to be skeezy to kate when jack is being all sentimental. I know which one works better. I know why it took me so long to warm to you.

There is alot of misunderstanding and self aggrandizement going on all around in this episode.
Waaah bloody rock god. I'm totally going to have some nap time before I finish HP. 40 pages is just too many. Adios for now. I think I'll post this. I should be back by around Hearts and Minds or so. Maybe not blogging then. I might start the disc and go back to sleep. GOODNIGHT.



The House of the Rising Sun: A bad pun, and the lamest flashbacks

Aurora observes that their babies are going to have great bone structure.
I really love their on island arc. I really get weary of their flashback arc. Except for Jin's dad. He rules.

Kate says "We" in disbelief as if she's about to say "whats this we stuff white boy" to Jack.

Ok, frankly, this episode bores me all around. I'm trying to finish Harry Potter so I can go to bed. I just ate a small bowl of cereal and am drinking some water from a Jurassic Park cup. It is going to be a wonder if I don't get a horrible bellyache.

Charlie and Drugs, hawshoo.
Kate and Jack and the Cave/Beach debate hawshoo....I do like Adam and Eve though.
I also really like when Sun is about to leave at the airport and then doesn't.

I love this "Are you sure this is where you want to be" song. I think I am going to go buy it on iTunes. Oh man. It is meaningful.


White Rabbit: Is this the one where Sawyer gets tortured?

I hope so.
OOOH i think this is the one where they go to the caves. The water is running out. Hurley has pulled Charlie into the Jack's bitches gang. Jack is having a little huffy fit. UGH. BORING.
Ok, now you know my biases. Everytime I watch Christian Shepard, I like him more and Jack less. Seriously. I don't know if this is what they want, but seriously, Christian is mostly just a regular dude with some flaws. I think it's something about having unrealistic expectations of your parents. I mean seriously, being a spinal surgeon is totally hard.

How come when Jack throws a hissy fit its stupid and when Boone does it it is so hot.

Jack's mom says "You don't get to say I can't." It's an interesting point about Jack having the luxury of choice, where as someone like Locke who doesn't get a choice for his pre-island life doesn't want other people to say "You can't." There's something about destiny and free will here.
But that idea always bores me.

So....Oh maybe this is the one where Sawyer gets tortured... "A rat will always lead you to his hole." Smoochies! Fingernails! I am about 3/4 of an episode away from bed.

Euh. This fear of failure stuff is really boring, Jack. Although he's doing some of his better acting in this episode. It's because the situation is believable too.. that helps. He just bashed in his dad's empty tomb if you will. I love that. It's such a great image.

Oh man. I need some water... how apt for this episode. The titular line of our blog...uttered in a speech that is a more negative rehash of Sayid's speech from a few days ago.


Friday, January 18, 2008

WALKABOUT: In which the love of my life is explored

Oh Locke. Ohhhhh I love you. I remember how great it was when I was worried you were going to break my heart and be evil somehow. Dudes are having a pretty fierce argument about whether or not to burn the bodies. Jack's being super-utilitarian, and Sayid's all "we should figure out what these dead people would want" and Jack says "We don't have time to sort out everybody's god".
Way to go, ecumenical Sayid.

Jack's Gay-like Neckerchief time!
John's giving the Boar Speech! Way to go! It is weird how against hunting Sawyer is. Such a study in small contrasts.

Locke's adding machine sounds like the monster.

So what I love about this season is the easy pervasiveness of sentimentality and sweet humanness and the novelty of the outdoors and the adventure of it all. It does turn as the seasons go by, and some of the turning is sort of awkward. We can look back and see that it was necessary but it's nice to go back and think of the better days gone by.

Locke is wearing a hot hunting vest. And it's time to clip my fingernails.

"Shut up, Randy Nations" says Aurora. We're eating a few teddy grahams, and there are already 7 soda cans on the table. BRING IT ON.... "Where one derives strength from the earth and becomes inseperable from it..." That's what Locke says a walkabout is, and that's what happens to him on the Island.

I love the footshots of him. Love the gold toe socks.

And so Charlie and Hurley become friends while fishing. I love how it just seems like the actors are having fun. Time to read some Harry Potter.

Shannon is way rough on Boone. "Go rescue a baby bird or something." She really thinks he is a sissy.

Man the first time Jack sees his dad by the tree is terrifying....Not much happens in this episode. I love it though. It's what I'm saying about the first season. It's totally slowpaced, and episodes really flow into each other. It's like they have all the time in the world. And it is nice.

And a little secret between me and you. I get tired of "Don't tell me what I can't do." Double negative much?

The end of Disc 1. Woot. Time to get the mattress out!


Tabula Rasa: in which I have strong opinions about characters

The first time that Sawyer calls Kate Freckles! So GREAT!

Hehe. Well I am reminded about how it took me a while to warm to Hurley. He wouldn't eat the Urchin, he whines about blood. Or something. Oh, and apparently Boone goes on Peace Marches.

I love Australian Farmer.

Sayid is doing some serious people-leading. I am maybe crying about how good of a leader he is.

I don't like Hurley in these episodes so much, because he's sort of Jack's Little Bitch.. "Hey, Kate's a Fugitive!"

There's an amazing meaningful little exchange between Jack and Saywer in the fuselage about how/if Jack should waste antibiotics on the marshal. It's Jack ignoring the greater good and going at the most immediate problem. Aurora suggests that probably Sayid is the most leader-y one actually interested in the greater good. Sawyer isn't for a long time, being all venture capitalist, "in the wild", but I think he comes around at the end. I think it's important that Sawyer's one of the dudes who sticks around to take on the Others at the end of Season 3. But man, I am worried about that guy.

And I should take this moment to note that it's pretty awesome how early they realize there are other people on the Island.

Why did Locke make a whistle, seriously? Weirdo. I guess maybe Walt told him about Vincent. What a nice dude. It's really interesting to watch the Walt-Michael dynamic when Walt doesn't understand that Michael has a right to be overprotective of him, because he hasn't been his father for a long time.

"Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over." -JACK! Three days ago, really? Easter!

One of the things I really like about the first season is the sort of sense of zen and thankfulness. We're mid-ending montage. Sayid throws Sawyer an orange. More in favor of Sayid's awesome leader abilities. I'll say more on that later.



Pilot Part 2: shut up and stop trying to be charming.

Here goes.

Will was trying to make a point about who was in which bathroom when the plane crashed.
Oh Shannon, I hate you. ( I get used to you in the 2nd season)...

We have gotten sour with each other over what Aurora will keep track of.
Poor Hurley and his early lines. "Some people have problems. Us...him." BLEH.

Talk about side wounds! The Marshall has a masterful one.

It's SNACK TIME. Fruit Snacks all around.

We are talking about the nature of Vincent. Whether or not he is always a real dog. And if so, what kind of a real dog. Seriously, that dude is weird. Also, it led us to discuss the nature of the Horse. It seems like it should always be a hallucination....but Sawyer sees it.

Sawyer is being Emo. Will points out that he's in a fuselage part that looks like a cradle, and says
"he wants to be good." And then Sawyer offers that priceless line: "I'm a complex guy sweetheart".

Aunt Mary Jo has joined us!

I am wondering about Jack's scratch marks on his face. They look like something from Watership Down. Like the bad bunnies marks...I'm not sure about this

Way to shoot a polar bear, Sawyer.

Basically this episode is about being ADORABLE. In which Hurley faints on the Marshal.

Sawyer is "The Prisoner", says Sayid. So who's Number 2?

Oh here comes the radio signal. I still don't believe that none of these people know even a little French except for Shannon. Oh well. It's convenient that Rousseau speaks English. Why the hell didn't she use it when she record the Message?
Ok done. Seriously, adorable.


The Pilot

#1 I am excited for the whole half season of Ian Somerhalder. I love him so much.

Charlie is so cute when he is wandering around.

Jack's side is sort of pierced in the beginning. Does that mean he's like Jesus? Watch for more on that theme. Does that make Kate his Mary Magdalene? Aurora points out that she decides not to lie about her name even though she's been lying about her name for years. Because he makes her want to be better? Like Jesus, and Mary Magdalene.

Oh I miss the old days when they relied on the stars on the beach for ambience.

The Monster showed up for the first time! Terrific!
Apparently Rose says "there's something very familiar about that sound"...which Aurora points out makes sense because she's from the Bronx and it is taken from a taxi cab meter sound.

It starts to rain, and everyone is freaked out. Except Locke who is sitting out in it happily. A foreshadowing of his later love affair with the monster? Probs.

Oh hai, Greg Grunberg. I am totally not trusting you.... I am really starting to believe that there is some serious setting up going on here. Especially in the event that someone controls the Monster, I think lil' pilot could have made it out ok, and the things he is telling the Losties are just a way for whoever is controlling the island to set them up. It seems to me like he's trying to see if the Losties are listening when he tells them how they crashed. Aurora points out that he conciously puts down the radio.... I guess this doesn't mean that the monster is controlled by something, because the Others might have hoped that the pilot might have survived to further infiltrate the Losties. Eh. I dunno.

And Pilot Part One. DONE.


Live-blogging the LOST WEEKEND!?!

Here's the deal.
It's time for the LOST Weekend, where we watch every episode of Lost in a 3 day time span.
Eat a lot of junk food. Do some house-cleaning. Read books at the same time. Maybe apply for jobs.
But mostly and most importantly. WATCH LOST.

It is going to rule. And we will keep you, our fair readers posted on it. And maybe take this opportunity to catch up on the Blog. We're still reading....well.. I'm listening to Our Mutual Friend and Aurora has some older stuff to catch up on.
Oh, and I should probably say some words about "And Then There Were None".

Oh and I think I am going to have a "Cowboy Up" shirt made.
And change my ringtone to "Make Your Own Kind of Music".

This is going to be hella hella fun.