Saturday, January 19, 2008


Best season opener in the history of time.
It's interesting to watch Desmond without seeing his face. I really pictured a different, less adorable face.

It's dinner time! Oh great, a Jack flashback. Sort of unneccessary, though his hair is a hoot.

Oh hai desmond, good job running up the stadium stairs. This episode is a little too slow too, and it doesn't give you enough to go on, and its too main characters (Jack, Locke, Kate) focused. Although its got some good Hurley-tude. And it's all in the dark.

Sarah's recovery would be a miracle? says Jack.
Lift it up, says Desmond. What? says Jack. Your ankle, says Desmond.
I reflect for a while on the nature of Desmond's religious conviction. I am convinced he has at least some.

Sarah's recovery is a miracle. Does that make Jack a miracle worker, or just lucky? Or maybe a little bit of both.


and on to the second episode. Adrift. Hey, guys on the raft/in the water. this is when Michael really starts acting like a little bitch. I also have some anger about the legal system.

Um, it's COLD in our house. HEATER TIME.

This is the episode where Sawyer pulls the bullet out of his arm. Awesome.

Season 2 seems like its going to be a little rough. There's some character development, but also alot of character rehash. Hm.

I am blogging about how I resent how mean Aurora is about Michael. He has some dumb feelings, but they come from an honest-ish place I think. So there.
Well, "Michael, Others" has been uttered.


And Episode 3.
OMG OMG THE TAILIES. Gosh, I forgot how much I love Eko. And this is a really great introduction to them. I was just bitching about Season 2 being slow, and now I remember how much I like the tailies. Ooooh and it's a Locke episode.
Oh, well oops. I took a nap. Thanks alot 2nd chapter of Chamber of Secrets.


Episode 4? It's Hurley time!
The DVD player is making a grumpy high-pitched noise. I think we need to give it a ten minute break after this episode. Possibly watch an episode or 2 on the computer.
Eh. Oh no, it's not the computer. It's like somebody forgot to turn the Helipad siren off. It is troubling.

Um. We are making comments about Sawyer's lack of power virtually all the time. "Every character except Claire beats him up," says Aurora.

Also in this episode I am reminded about how hot Locke looks when he is eating with his hands and knife. It is a real skill.

Disc Done. Still sort of holding to my attitude about Season 2. Oh well.

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