Friday, January 18, 2008

Live-blogging the LOST WEEKEND!?!

Here's the deal.
It's time for the LOST Weekend, where we watch every episode of Lost in a 3 day time span.
Eat a lot of junk food. Do some house-cleaning. Read books at the same time. Maybe apply for jobs.
But mostly and most importantly. WATCH LOST.

It is going to rule. And we will keep you, our fair readers posted on it. And maybe take this opportunity to catch up on the Blog. We're still reading....well.. I'm listening to Our Mutual Friend and Aurora has some older stuff to catch up on.
Oh, and I should probably say some words about "And Then There Were None".

Oh and I think I am going to have a "Cowboy Up" shirt made.
And change my ringtone to "Make Your Own Kind of Music".

This is going to be hella hella fun.


Klara Kim said...

I feel as if I ought to bring beer. Or maybe cider.

booninite said...

live blog #1 in progress.