Saturday, January 19, 2008


Ok. Well.
Now its time for some serious housecleaning. Aurora got Swiffer rags and a mop and bucket.
Too bad I am hungry and am going to have a snack instead.

This is the season finale in which Rousseau is super-shady. For REALS.
OMG ANA LUCIA. Ok here goes the snack.

Nope, no snack. Just Klara. Rousseau. You are crazy..
Arzt is turning in a tour de force performance. And I like the ensemble flashbacks.

That smoke shot at the end of Part One is so great and the film quality is different.

Alright here goes Part Deux. Time for some Cider. LOST drinking game anybody?
Well, Arzt is having a little grump. I love him. We also spotted original Nikki and Paolo. Much less "hot" then the 3rd season ones. Arzt's combustion freaks me out every time.

Now they are on the raft, Billy Ray Cyrus hair Sawyer!

Charlie just tried to punch Sayid, and Sayid took hold of his neck and held him off. Sayid is fierce.

Ok let's see. It's almost time for Locke to see the monster.

Aurora would like us to note that perhaps the watch Jin is bringing to America is important. Paik's connection to Widmore I think backs that up. Does it have anything to do with Jack's watch?

The second episode is an hour and a half. Maybe a little too long? especially like the 5 minutes at the end without speaking. Ok, on to season 2.

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