Friday, January 18, 2008

Pilot Part 2: shut up and stop trying to be charming.

Here goes.

Will was trying to make a point about who was in which bathroom when the plane crashed.
Oh Shannon, I hate you. ( I get used to you in the 2nd season)...

We have gotten sour with each other over what Aurora will keep track of.
Poor Hurley and his early lines. "Some people have problems. Us...him." BLEH.

Talk about side wounds! The Marshall has a masterful one.

It's SNACK TIME. Fruit Snacks all around.

We are talking about the nature of Vincent. Whether or not he is always a real dog. And if so, what kind of a real dog. Seriously, that dude is weird. Also, it led us to discuss the nature of the Horse. It seems like it should always be a hallucination....but Sawyer sees it.

Sawyer is being Emo. Will points out that he's in a fuselage part that looks like a cradle, and says
"he wants to be good." And then Sawyer offers that priceless line: "I'm a complex guy sweetheart".

Aunt Mary Jo has joined us!

I am wondering about Jack's scratch marks on his face. They look like something from Watership Down. Like the bad bunnies marks...I'm not sure about this

Way to shoot a polar bear, Sawyer.

Basically this episode is about being ADORABLE. In which Hurley faints on the Marshal.

Sawyer is "The Prisoner", says Sayid. So who's Number 2?

Oh here comes the radio signal. I still don't believe that none of these people know even a little French except for Shannon. Oh well. It's convenient that Rousseau speaks English. Why the hell didn't she use it when she record the Message?
Ok done. Seriously, adorable.

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