Sunday, January 20, 2008

Disc 4: Oh hai, Henry Gale

Locke flashback! We're in the serious stuff now. It makes me a little mad how Helen leaves him.
This is the sweet episode with the blast door map and Sayid digging up the grave.


Dave time! I observed that Libby treats Hurley like a baby and it's really infuriating.
Everybody interrogates Ben angrily. Aurora observes that watching it the first time around this seemed like the weaker part of the season, largely because we had no idea why Ben was so important. This time around, the first half with all the tailies introductions and interactions seems like the boring part and Ben seems like the interesting part, especially when you spend some time considering what he did and didn't know in retrospect. Like: does he actually know what this hatch is for. And when he says "He'll kill me!" he is talking about Jacob, maybe even sincerely?

Alright. So ends, a little bit sadly, our Season 2 coverage. My mom came over with some bagels, I fell asleep during "Two For the Road", she told me not to fall asleep, and then she fell asleep.
She left, I took a bath, and then Alex showed up bearing bread. Then Klara and her man, Zeb showed up too and brought bunny cookies with the numbers on them. Sweet.

The one revelation of the end of Season 2: I have a much higher opinion of Claire than my companions. Oh well.

Now we are well into season two (ok like 4 episodes in). Hooray for us! To blog!

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