Saturday, January 19, 2008

Disc 2: The Season of Sad Piano

Ew. The bald guy. A S/J Flashback is no way to start off a disc.
Seriously that was also a boring episode. I do not want to have to go to bed on just boring episodes.

So, the second episode was the Shannon episode, in which I felt really sorry for Shannon. She gets seriously and completely screwed by her stepmom. I am not saying the Boone death episode and the Shannon death episode are the only times I've cried. But they are, ok. Yep.

Aurora points out it was about the baby. Oh, I also cried a little when Bernard was like "Is Rose with you?" OH MAN!

Another important point of this episode is when Sawyer is about to pass out, and his eyes are strikingly blue. What a babe.

Oh, and importantly, the Others steal an awful lot of the Tailies. I think this might have something to do with the Tailies involvement/lack thereof with whatever the reason the Losties are on the island.

Ok the other 48 days. You are a pretty great episode. I have maybe 2 or 3 episodes left in me though, man.

"It took you forty days for you to speak?"
"It took you forty days to cry."

Ana Lucia's first flashback. This is probably the first episode of the season that I actively enjoy.
Ana Lucia has a great, and truly unique back story, and some actual justification for her anger.
All of the troubling questions raised by the first encounter between our guys and the tailies.
And the kindred spiritude of Eko and Locke. sweet.

Vigilante justice booyahhh.
Remember when I started this liveblogging in vaguely full sentences? Yeah, me neither. :)

Ok Cry #3 or #4. Jin comes back to Sun, breaking away from the rest of the crowd. So sweet.

One more word on Ana Lucia. She's capable of such good and such bad in a way that no one else seems to exercise. Ok. Well, I've said enough. She's my fave.

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