Sunday, January 20, 2008

Season 3 Begins.

It does. With Alex putting his fist into a wine glass for fun.
What else?
Klara's cookies were delicious.
Aurora and Alex theorized at great length about the Other's plan for taking Jake/Kate/Sawyer and no one else. Klara had a cute nap, I tried to touch Alex with my feet and annoyed him.

We slept through Enter 77 and that Claire one where we learn--shocker! that Jack is her half brother. Snorlax. I dreamt of kittens and being on the city bus with Unitarians. Seriously. Weird.

Now we've been through um.. Man From Tallahassee and Expose. Here's the Kate+Juliet mud-wrestle episode. Bleh. Time to eat an orange and mop.

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