Saturday, January 19, 2008

The House of the Rising Sun: A bad pun, and the lamest flashbacks

Aurora observes that their babies are going to have great bone structure.
I really love their on island arc. I really get weary of their flashback arc. Except for Jin's dad. He rules.

Kate says "We" in disbelief as if she's about to say "whats this we stuff white boy" to Jack.

Ok, frankly, this episode bores me all around. I'm trying to finish Harry Potter so I can go to bed. I just ate a small bowl of cereal and am drinking some water from a Jurassic Park cup. It is going to be a wonder if I don't get a horrible bellyache.

Charlie and Drugs, hawshoo.
Kate and Jack and the Cave/Beach debate hawshoo....I do like Adam and Eve though.
I also really like when Sun is about to leave at the airport and then doesn't.

I love this "Are you sure this is where you want to be" song. I think I am going to go buy it on iTunes. Oh man. It is meaningful.

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