Monday, January 21, 2008

The Lost Weekend: I am pretty sure it is the reason television was created

Here goes nothing. Greatest Hits, in which I probably cry for half of the episode again..

Alex is here! I am pondering the cleanliness level of Desmond's shirt. It is suspiciously clean. Alex is standing up like a little bitch.

Oh the heart-breaking Hurley diss.

So we're in the last episode, having a discussion about whether Jack's ex-wife is a b.
Alex is suggesting that all the deaths are misunderstandings. Um. I am too numb to understand now.

Jack is on drugs--says Alex--and booze. We have questions about Alex, ourselves.
The episode gives Aurora a stomachache.
My vision is starting to blur.
Sometimes Matthew Fox is a better actor than I give him credit for--see crying and punching when he thinks the beach guard gets shot.

Phew. Total fake out on the lives of our buds.
BREAKING NECKS. We discuss taking wisdom tooth painkillers in honor of Jack's oxycodone abuse. "Attention others, come in, others." I am in pre-emptive tears over Charlie's imminent death.

SO, we're done.
Life is good.
Our love for Lost has in no way diminished.
Aurora says, it is nice to stop thinking about everything else and just think about Lost.
As for our unraveling of mysteries, we have not made much ground.
We understand character motivations a lot better this time, for better or worse.
We learned that Alex is a goof, but we love him.
We learned about temperature fluctuations in our apartment.

We learned that ...THE END THE END 4EVZZZZ.

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