Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Greater Good: Sayid's best episode

It's the TAKE A NAP episode. Jack is delirious. It's sort of adorable. Claire also needs to take a nap cuz she just had the cutest baby ever. Sayid has a flashback about his terrorist pal. Locke comes back to town with a bloody shirt on.

OOH now he is washing his shirt. Hot, shirtless Locke.

I remember the first time I watched this episode, and Sayid had two stupid choices he could make (participate in terrorism, turn terrorists in) and I was so worried for him to do either. I am glad it worked out. And the male friendship stuff in this is priceless, and underrated. Gosh, Sayid is cute. Especially with a ponytail. Hm.

I feel like I focus to much on how cute the people on the show are. I hope it is evident enough that their cuteness is just an added bonus to the great story and pretty wonderful acting. And possibly those two things help their cuteness. I wouldn't watch this show if it was dumb. And now I am just stating the obvious.

So. Apparently, Nadia "works as a lab tech for a medical testing company". Mittelos/Widmore /etc. much? Dude. And we're done with that. Now it is time for aaaaa Kate episode. Great. Bleh.

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