Saturday, January 19, 2008

White Rabbit: Is this the one where Sawyer gets tortured?

I hope so.
OOOH i think this is the one where they go to the caves. The water is running out. Hurley has pulled Charlie into the Jack's bitches gang. Jack is having a little huffy fit. UGH. BORING.
Ok, now you know my biases. Everytime I watch Christian Shepard, I like him more and Jack less. Seriously. I don't know if this is what they want, but seriously, Christian is mostly just a regular dude with some flaws. I think it's something about having unrealistic expectations of your parents. I mean seriously, being a spinal surgeon is totally hard.

How come when Jack throws a hissy fit its stupid and when Boone does it it is so hot.

Jack's mom says "You don't get to say I can't." It's an interesting point about Jack having the luxury of choice, where as someone like Locke who doesn't get a choice for his pre-island life doesn't want other people to say "You can't." There's something about destiny and free will here.
But that idea always bores me.

So....Oh maybe this is the one where Sawyer gets tortured... "A rat will always lead you to his hole." Smoochies! Fingernails! I am about 3/4 of an episode away from bed.

Euh. This fear of failure stuff is really boring, Jack. Although he's doing some of his better acting in this episode. It's because the situation is believable too.. that helps. He just bashed in his dad's empty tomb if you will. I love that. It's such a great image.

Oh man. I need some water... how apt for this episode. The titular line of our blog...uttered in a speech that is a more negative rehash of Sayid's speech from a few days ago.

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