Monday, January 21, 2008

And so we barrel towards the finish

Ok. I mopped.
And we're in the home stretch. I've finished the 2nd Harry Potter. We had some bread and olive oil for lunch. We thought for a while in Catch 22 about how everytime someone follows the wire they get into one of Rousseau's traps (Sayid, Hurley, almost-Charlie with the arrow). Why does she feel so compelled to protect it?

I also appreciated Juliet's bedside manner alot. She is so good at talking to Sun about her baby.
We talked for a little bit about why Sawyer could kill Locke's dad but Locke couldn't/didn't want to do it. Dude was never out for blood.

Oh MAN we are at Jacob's cabin. That is crazy stuff. Seriously.

Aurora is reading to me, Genesis 35:16, about how Benjamin's mom died in childbirth in the Bible. The biblical references are criss-crossed, but worth thinking about.

Oh man, 10 o'clock timeslot. Giving us room for arrows in the neck and gassing deaths. That is some gross stuff. At this point I will take a second to reflect on the nature of the Purge. If there were still people in the stations, I'm sort of assumng that they didn't get killed in the purge. Is that because they were on the Hostiles side or does that have something to do with the quarantined signs on the stations. Like someone came along and put them in quarantine before/at the time of the purge? See: "I was one of the people smart enough to make sure I didn't end up in that ditch."

God, The Man Behind the Curtain is BRILLIANT.

Aurora points out that the Others didn't bury the Dharma-ites the same way they bury their own dead...sending their own dead out to sea, just throwing the Dharmas in an open pit. Why would they bury them so openly when "nothing stays buried on this island for long."

Ok. I think I'm going to give the last disc it's own post. Ceremonial new disc switch moment of silence.

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