Saturday, January 19, 2008

NUMBERS: In which Hurley gets a raw deal...and which I do one blog for a whole disc

I love Hurley's mom. Almost as much as Jin's dad.
It's time for breakfast...And aurora is going to make some pasta salad for late. I am going to start the 2nd Harry Potter.

This is the 1st Introduction of the #s I think. Maybe? Probably in earnest.
I like how much of the show is revealed in this episode. and when hurley makes friends with rousseau.

Now its DEUS EX Machina time... I think i'll keep with this post.
The trebuchet. euh. This is the point where I get sick of the funny names for things.
Some other things happen in this episode. The circumstances surrounding Locke's kidney loss still seem shady to me. I spend some time reflecting on the Jater Skater deal.

And on to ...the one where Boone dies. I know this episode is kind of frustrating but it's also a really great ensemble work thing--Everybody helps out in their own way. And for the record: I think it's ok that Jack doesn't go to Claire's aid and leave Boone. We have some fights about it in our house, but people have been having babies for millenia. So. Anyway. Time to post. On to the last disc of season 1.

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