Sunday, January 20, 2008

Disc 3: ah luff her.

Oh Kate. What you did. I love the Kate-sick Sawyer interaction.
And this is probably the strongest Kate flashback.
I like that this is the one where you really start to get the sense that Kate completely doesn't know who she is. And that she's really alternately, and unpredicatably, fragile and hard. She is so willing to be vulnerable as long as it doesn't actually mean anybody helping her or calling her on her stuff.

Also the Orientation film!
Also more Eko/Locke hour.

I'm going to move my bed in, have some cereal, and go to sleep. Crappy episodes coming up. Wow, the 2nd season is so full of dithering. We will have guests tomorrow. And hopefully eat our guacamole, and keep working on our pasta salad, and do some mopping, and make more headway in Harry Potter.

I'll say goodnight now. I look forward to falling asleep during Eko's episode.

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