Friday, January 18, 2008

The Pilot

#1 I am excited for the whole half season of Ian Somerhalder. I love him so much.

Charlie is so cute when he is wandering around.

Jack's side is sort of pierced in the beginning. Does that mean he's like Jesus? Watch for more on that theme. Does that make Kate his Mary Magdalene? Aurora points out that she decides not to lie about her name even though she's been lying about her name for years. Because he makes her want to be better? Like Jesus, and Mary Magdalene.

Oh I miss the old days when they relied on the stars on the beach for ambience.

The Monster showed up for the first time! Terrific!
Apparently Rose says "there's something very familiar about that sound"...which Aurora points out makes sense because she's from the Bronx and it is taken from a taxi cab meter sound.

It starts to rain, and everyone is freaked out. Except Locke who is sitting out in it happily. A foreshadowing of his later love affair with the monster? Probs.

Oh hai, Greg Grunberg. I am totally not trusting you.... I am really starting to believe that there is some serious setting up going on here. Especially in the event that someone controls the Monster, I think lil' pilot could have made it out ok, and the things he is telling the Losties are just a way for whoever is controlling the island to set them up. It seems to me like he's trying to see if the Losties are listening when he tells them how they crashed. Aurora points out that he conciously puts down the radio.... I guess this doesn't mean that the monster is controlled by something, because the Others might have hoped that the pilot might have survived to further infiltrate the Losties. Eh. I dunno.

And Pilot Part One. DONE.

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