Friday, January 18, 2008

Tabula Rasa: in which I have strong opinions about characters

The first time that Sawyer calls Kate Freckles! So GREAT!

Hehe. Well I am reminded about how it took me a while to warm to Hurley. He wouldn't eat the Urchin, he whines about blood. Or something. Oh, and apparently Boone goes on Peace Marches.

I love Australian Farmer.

Sayid is doing some serious people-leading. I am maybe crying about how good of a leader he is.

I don't like Hurley in these episodes so much, because he's sort of Jack's Little Bitch.. "Hey, Kate's a Fugitive!"

There's an amazing meaningful little exchange between Jack and Saywer in the fuselage about how/if Jack should waste antibiotics on the marshal. It's Jack ignoring the greater good and going at the most immediate problem. Aurora suggests that probably Sayid is the most leader-y one actually interested in the greater good. Sawyer isn't for a long time, being all venture capitalist, "in the wild", but I think he comes around at the end. I think it's important that Sawyer's one of the dudes who sticks around to take on the Others at the end of Season 3. But man, I am worried about that guy.

And I should take this moment to note that it's pretty awesome how early they realize there are other people on the Island.

Why did Locke make a whistle, seriously? Weirdo. I guess maybe Walt told him about Vincent. What a nice dude. It's really interesting to watch the Walt-Michael dynamic when Walt doesn't understand that Michael has a right to be overprotective of him, because he hasn't been his father for a long time.

"Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over." -JACK! Three days ago, really? Easter!

One of the things I really like about the first season is the sort of sense of zen and thankfulness. We're mid-ending montage. Sayid throws Sawyer an orange. More in favor of Sayid's awesome leader abilities. I'll say more on that later.


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