Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Recapping the Recaps - Maybe next week with actual links!

Recapping the recaps.

Red Pen http://redpeninc.blogspot.com/2010/02/lostin-815-or-fewer-words-la-x.html: I think it is so cute that someone uses their completely Non-lost related blog to Lost-blog.
" Lost is for those of us who crave braingasms on a regular basis." Yep. Questions heavy, answers light? Disagree.
Dharmalantis is a good one. Hurley moving up to hero status. Yep.

Fishbiscuit. Yay! Pictures!. Disagree, we know the Bomb went off.
“For every story, there is an anti-story” – Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Nice.
"And if we find out later that Sayid isn’t really Sayid any more, will that mean that Ben hasn’t ever actually been Ben?" Good one.
Zen Jack. Interesting and good point.
"Basically, until we observe a specific reality, all possible realities are equally true. And unless I’m mistaken (which is definitely one possible reality) I think that’s where we are headed this season on OtherLOST."
OOF.Oh yeah -- I knew there was something different with Rose and Bernard. Together instead of middle and tailie.
Ha they think OtherSawyer is a nice guy. No, secret, he's back to being a major skeez.
Whoa Sayid has an Iranian passport? This is why I read recaps for tiny tiny details.
Ahh Haroun was Desmond's book. Cool. Reading List!
Kierkegaards “Fear and Trembling”! That's cool i kind of want to read that!
The Bath as Jewish mikveh – a ritual bath of purification. Why not just immersion baptism pretell?
On Juliet: "The medical genius who went toe to toe with Ben Linus was reduced to the adoring helpmate of James LaFleur and then sent for a little spin through a meat grinder. The fact that so many online fans keep having multiple orgasms over this sexist storyline makes me sad."
Huh, I kind of don't disagree. Although -- maybe they were making each other better? Her dying does kind of put a different spin on things.Just another used Lost-woman?
One of the logical deductions of the Many Worlds Interpretation is that morality is irrelevant. Whether good or evil is done, whatever the consequences may be, whatever happens … it’s just another branching point, a different set of consequences, a new chain of cause and effect. No reality has dominance over another. No outcome is superior or more desirable. Everything just is what it is.
NOPE. Just because things will happen the way they happen doesn't make morality irrelevant.

Erika - I Love Locke!
Hey me too!
Totally different take on everyone's attitude -- not as certain that everyones fixed in new non-crash timeline. And I have to agree.
I’m trying not to dwell on the straight-outta-my-1998-screensaver fishies- word.
"Then we’ve got Ben, who’s decided it’s a good idea to side with Fake Locke. ?!?!" Yes. Because he totally promised the smoke monster already. I think he's pretty beholden. Duh.
"But I’ll tell you what it meant: it meant that Juliet’s consciousness jumped over to the Alternate Timeline and she saw that her peeps never crashed on the Island" Ok. Good I was looking for an explanation for that.
Did you catch that little black shadow creature that ran behind Jack?(!?). No! Pictures please!
"Dogen understood English but was a big snobby brat about it and wanted everyone to just leave him alone so he could continue making like Mr. Miyagi with his bonsai tree-trimming."Hehe.
1) At what point did the Temple stop being Smokey’s Playground? --good question. Maybe they are only freaking out so much cuz everything is out of balance.
The Dogma theory!! Yes I am pretty much behind this. Finding the loophole, ending the world.
Agree that Jack-Locke exchange is best part of non-crash timeline.

Robz888 - Who is that?
Blah blah. Boring.
How many of you fell for John's story about his walkabout? - I did!
Sayid has it better in ATL. Yes, and that makes me happy.
Is it just me, or have the Others lost some of their cool factor? - I agree!
Meh. Nothing new here.

Nomad- uhhh
Yeah you have terrible grammar and maybe are not a native english speaker? But I can't fault you, my lost notes look the same.

Vozzek69- is this the overly heady one?
Hm. Think brain is broken.
From the beginning, you can see that Jack remembers stuff. Yep.
Hm-- more other-y others, who therefore are more in touch with island forces. I buy it.
Smoke Monster+Jacob serving penance on Island. interesting.

I hope I wasn’t the only one who got a little teary when we actually saw Flight 815 touch ground. Definitely a weepy moment
In this timeline the idea is that she did not kill her stepfather but instead a plumber in the house explosion she caused. (Huh? What?)
If he has been working hard at finding his “loophole” then I am pretty sure he has been pushing and manipulating our Flight 815 survivors from the very beginning, starting with the form of Christian Sheppard in his white tennis shoes. -Yep.
Aliens? No. No way.
Personally, I am starting to think that MIB’s Home is what one might call the Underworld, or the Dimension of the Dead.
Meh. I think this is a more Christian/Greco-Roman universe than you'd like to believe, Gal.

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