Friday, June 8, 2007

Orientation Pt.1

Ok, so we're going to read books that are featured on LOST, and we thought it might be appropriate to make clear our deep devotion to the show before we get started.
We've already started reading, but we're still working on our format, which we will let you know about soon. In the meantime...

We have introductions to attend to! So. Here are some self-posed questions about Lost and other cultural subjects. And here are my answers:

Favorite Book: Peter Pan!
Favorite Lost Character: Locke (duh). Sawyer OR Hurley second.
Other TV Shows I Enjoy: The Office, Veronica Mars, Boy Meets World, 21 Jump Street.
One Thing I Think Would Make Lost Better: Another strong (not romantically entangled) female.... Ana-Lucia.
One Thing I Would be pretty mad if Lost did/stopped doing: Had it be all in someone's mind. Sorry, Dave, you were a great episode, but you would have been a let down.
Favorite Pizza Toppings: Anchovies and Green Olives
5 Reasons I Watch Lost:
1) Really Good Storytelling
2) Christian Undertones
3) Roughing It.
4) Really smart literary and cultural references
5) Hotties. Or good actors, either way.

And that is all I can think of. I'm sure many more of my feelings on our beloved program will soon come to light. Now dharma whateversenstein will introduce herself.
Good luck, dweeb.

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