Monday, June 11, 2007

This is how it will work.

Here's the deal. We are best pals and roommates (thus the blog title). We are Lost Fans. We have hour long discussions about it, have a door devoted to pictures from it, and do the jigsaw puzzles. Not surprisingly, distraught by the hiatus from its very first day, we sought something to fill that void in our lives. Some might have taken a walk, volunteered with children, or learned how to cook. We, however, decided to fill our TV void with books.

As any good fan knows, Lost has lots of literary references, obvious, implied, and in episode titles. A lot of these books are classics or just plain good stuff that I am embarrassed not to have read yet, so it seemed like a great opportunity. Stuff like Watership Down, The Turn of the Screw, Catch 22--It is a worthy challenge!

So here's the rules: We're going to read each of the books. I'll read some, and Aurora will read some, and we'll both read important ones. We'll weigh in, give a summary of the book, talk about interesting plot threads, how we think it relates to Lost in general or to specific characters or episodes. We'll talk a little about cultural ties and criticism of the book outside of LOST. Finally, we'll give our opinion of the book on its own and its potential relevance to the show. But um, probably we will spoil books a little, and we'll be talking about LOST through the end of Season 3, so don't get spoiled, OK?

Lostpedia's list serves as our guide to what we will read, DarkUFOs list works too. J. Wood's blog is probably a little (a lot) smarter than ours will be, but we will probably be indebted to it sometimes, and its cool. We don't plan to read any of Lost's philosopher references, and it will probably be awhile before we get around to The Fountainhead, but we'll read some comic books, maybe talk about related TV and films a teeny bit, and about books that we see connections to which haven't been mentioned on the show.

We will also let you know if we see Locke's face in a peanut butter sandwich. Here's hoping.

Coming Soon: posts about The Turn of the Screw, Carrie, The Moon Pool, Of Mice and Men, Lancelot, and um.. Rainbow 6.

In the mean time, please enjoy this Sawyer montage.

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