Thursday, May 15, 2008

...and other stories...and other stories

I'mma keep this one brief.
First of all, anybody see Cabin Fever? That scene with Horace was very Invention of Morel.
I wonder if maybe the books are turning more to problems of the Island itself and away from characters and their interactions...I will think about this and get back to you.

So I read a couple of stories on the advice of my papa, from the book The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories. There are 3 stories that are different reorganizations of these words, and I read two of them. These different permutations of one phrase are reminiscent of the imaginings and re-imaginings done in the LOST mirror structure we've heard so much about.

The first story I read, "The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories," which was basically about a little boy who was a part of a monster story and didn't know it.

The second one I read was "The Death of Doctor Island" which was the most clearly LOST related one...and it was kind of awesome...about a simulated island that's a satellite of Jupiter on which 3 crazies are placed, and the 'island' talks to them...there was a part where the Island says:

"This is what mankind has always wanted... that the environment should respond to human thought. That is the core of magic and the oldest dream of mankind, and, here on me, it is fact."

Whoa, it's true. And also...I am pretty sure it's true on LOST. What else happens? The main character is a lobomotized teenager who comes out of a hatch, there's a homicidal dude, and there's a girl who believes there is a bird in a cage inside of her. At one point the homicidal dude and the main character are swimming to catch fish and they see the dead island god on the floor of the "ocean"...the god looks like a big actually all sounded very Looking Glass to me. There's some also some good stuff about Dr. Harlow and his monkeys. In the end, it turns out that the Island, not so great a place to be after all. Huh, sort of troubling for a Pro-Islander like myself. I suppose its not canon (name-dropped or cover-flashed) though, so phew.

There's another story which I didn't read...called "The Doctor of Death Island" which starts with a Dickens quote and looks like it is about books and nations. Holler.

I kind of have a feeling that Darlton read this and aren't going to tell us--it's suitably vague and vivid, scientific and magical at the same time. Good times. No picture.... LOST is on in 3 minutes. :)

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