Monday, May 19, 2008

LOST guys eating stuff.

I just fell in love. Not quite as in love as I am with LOST, but pretty close.
An old school chum of mine just started her own site... about...get this...
Guys. Eating. Stuff.
Sounds pretty hot, doesn't it? Well, you should check it out. And in honor of her, I thought I'd do a little montage of Guys From Lost Eating Stuff...these pictures just scratch the surface. Heck, I could do a whole post of just Locke. Eating. Stuff. I could do a whole entire separate blog about that.
Now THAT is my idea of hot. Phew.

So here goes:

Locke Eating Stuff

Hurley eating stuff (really?):

Ready for more? asked for it...

Eko eating/tasting "stuff":

Jack eating similar "stuff":

Sayid eating some Beans, yo:

Charlie ready to share some peanut butter with his lady:

Hey Freckles, Sawyer likes the look of them bananas.

Hehehehe. Jin sometimes eats things other than fish?

BEN doesn't like to eat alone:

I know there's a lot more where these came from...but here's one for the road, from an episode I actually watched at the aforementioned friends house....'s a turkey...

Now who could be eating that Turkey?...

Right on John, Right. On.

Post Script: I showed Aurora this post and she was like uhhh you're weird. And now she's having trouble going to sleep because she's thinking of all her favorite LOST food moments. Dork.


Guys said...

Aaaah, I LOVE it! An excellent merger between the two blog topics! Thank you!!!!!!

Margaret said...

I think, Emilia, that this is a great idea. Now let's get a picture of one of these guys eating a Leslie.

(ps. this is Margaret. ;))

Rebecca said...

enjoy the finale tonight! for a Lost-related giggle, check out my boy's blog today:

Anonymous said...

did you catch a glimpse of a book on the season finale? It was Manservant and Maidservant by Ivy Compton Burnett. Check it out!